Shandong Zibo Debang Company is a Paint manufacturing equipment manufacturer and Oil paint equipment supplier in zibo china!Standard practical enterprise that developed from producing ‘Wangzhongwang’ paint since 1980s.(the annual production of ‘Wangzhongwang’paint was above 4000ton. It brought the spring up of local paint industry and promote local economic development, and earn ‘King of paint’ title.) Debang is the producer of the first porcelain imitating paint, double-layer non-pressure energy saving glue making machine, developer of porcelain imitating paint recipe generation 1-5, emulsion paint environmental recipe, state grid inner and outer wall emulsion paint project long-term cooperator.(the inner and outer wall emulsion paint project in Yiyang Hunan, Jinmen Hubei, Shijiugang Rizhao, Dingtao Heze, Weishan Jining, Dongjiakou Jiaonan, Kouzhen Laiwu, Daan Zoucheng, Yucheng Dezhou, Chengyang Qingdao and so on, won good reputation by state grid.