Development trend of labeling machine

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Development trend of labeling machine

At present, labels are attached to food packages in the market. It is reported that the label is to comply with the market demand for environmental protection, resource saving and gradually born. At the same time, as the society attaches more and more importance to green energy saving, labeling machine must be combined with the market to complete the upgrading and transformation.  


Energy saving and environmental protection of labeling machine.  


With the rapid development of the global economy, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, and people's demand for printed matter is also constantly improving. Printing has become an indispensable part of our life. Whether it is newspaper, advertising posters, enterprise picture albums, or moon cake box packaging, it is closely related to printing.  


Due to the continuous improvement of modern people's demand for printing, it is not only reflected in the number of printing, but also pays more attention to the pursuit of high quality of printing.  However, due to the increasing cost of printing raw materials in recent years, the price of printed matter is not rising but falling. Now the printing industry urgently seeks the transformation route of low-cost, high-efficiency printing of high-quality printed matter.  Many printing products are changed to labeling products, the original printing is not only serious pollution, but also time-consuming and laborious, waste of resources and can not meet the high standards of modern people.  In this form, self-adhesive labels gradually become popular, and then the hot market of self-adhesive labeling machinery is pushed out. It is no longer just the food industry that chooses automatic labeling machine, but all walks of life, including daily chemicals, medicine, stationery, printing and packaging, have begun to be popularized.  Self-adhesive paper can be processed, packaging bottles, caps can also be recycled, energy saving and environmental protection.  


Vigorously develop green printing labeling machine.  


The General Administration of Press and Publication and the Ministry of Environmental Protection officially signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on the Implementation of Green Printing on September 14, 2010, which marks that China's green printing has entered the concrete implementation stage.  China's 12th Five-Year plan also focuses on the development ideas of green printing. In the plan, we should give priority to the work of green printing in primary and secondary schools, and gradually promote the packaging and printing field such as the procurement of printing materials from the government.  The government began to introduce measures to the printing industry, marking China's determination to become a world printing power.  Green printing is the only way to develop urban industry and international city.  


Seize the development opportunity of labeling machine.  


Vigorously advocate the development of green printing, is an important part of the national twelfth Five-Year Plan.  "Green printing" in the new era not only means low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, but also represents high and new technology, high efficiency, high yield and low cost.  Green printing, in line with the requirements of the new era, will be the development trend of the printing industry in the future, but also the direction of sustainable development in the future.  Under the combination of the requirements of the new era and the market, the printing enterprises of the printing industry are facing the upgrading and transformation. Only when you constantly improve your competitiveness and sense of competition can you advance in the printing torrent.  We should bravely assume the responsibility of environmental protection for the society, the country and the whole world, and the society will reward us with unlimited and broad development opportunities.  


Now is an era of the Internet, network e-books, electronic newspaper spread in the market.  The promotion and use of electronic products in the market, electronic products have the advantages of low environmental protection, green, convenient, quickly occupy the market, undoubtedly to the printing market is not a small impact, this alarm to remind the printing industry to rapidly transform and upgrade, in order to meet the needs of market development.  


Reform labeling machine to develop.  


Generally speaking, if you want to survive and develop in the printing industry, you must quickly meet the needs of the market, carry out institutional reform, innovate in the reform, and develop in the innovation. Only by constantly improving their competitiveness and awareness of competition can the enterprise become bigger and stronger.  


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