Explosion - proof disperser

Explosion - proof disperser
Explosion - proof disperser
1 pc
iron frame and wooden case
lead time
7-10 days
The machine is suitable for high-speed stirring, dissolving and dispersing the liquid and liquid-powder phase in the fields of paint, dye, ink, pigment, cosmetics, resin, adhesive, emulsion, medicine, petroleum and so on. The speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.
working principle: 
Lifting high-speed dispersing machine jagged circular dispersion plate in the container to achieve high-speed solid dispersion, wetting, depolymerization, stability process.
product manual:
  ① the slurry was rolling ring flow, resulting in strong vortex, the slurry surface particles were spiral down to the bottom of the eddy current;
  ② at the edge of the dispersion disk 2.5-5mm at the formation of turbulent area, the slurry and the particles are subject to strong shear and shock;
  ③ outside the formation of the upper and lower beam, the slurry is fully circulated and flip;
  ④ Dispersion machine below the dispersion plate was laminar flow state, with the flow rate of the slurry layer of mutual diffusion, play a role in dispersion. High-speed dispersion machine with hydraulic lift, 360-degree rotation, stepless speed regulation and other functions. Can be configured at the same time 2-4 containers, hydraulic lift stroke 1000 mm, 360 degree rotation function can better meet a multi-purpose machine, in a very short period of time from one cylinder to another cylinder to operate, greatly improved The work efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity.
Mute, overload operation.

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