Floor type putty powder mortar production equipment

Floor type putty powder mortar production equipment
Floor type putty powder mortar production equipment
Floor type putty powder mortar production equipment
Floor type putty powder mortar production equipment
Floor type putty powder mortar production equipment
1 pc
iron frame and wooden case
lead time
7-10 days
By more than 30 years development, Debang developed to factory from workshop production, and developed to a modern and standard enterprise based on the factory. Now it is becoming first class practical enterprise including development, production, project, equipment production. The company is professional in development and production of emulsion paint equipment, putty powder equipment and other paint equipment, also offer technique and guide to customers.
1. Product introduction
 The floor dry mortar production line is also called the first-stage mortar production line. All the mortar raw materials are designed for measurement, mixing, finished product storage and packaging from top to bottom. The design structure is simple, durable, large in production, and low in failure rate.
First, the program features:
A. The process flow is simple, smooth, and the cycle time is short.
B. Floor structure, material falling speed is fast, material retention is low, and failure rate is low.
C, the tower program is magnificent and spectacular, highlighting the company's strength. This equipment has high degree of automation and is controlled by a microcomputer. It is a large-scale dry mortar production equipment, which is suitable for the process requirements of large output.
Second, the production process description: the process layout is to put the raw material storage at the top, the powder raw material is lifted from the raw material warehouse to the weighing bucket through the screw conveyor, and then into the mixer for mixing, the granular material is lifted through the bucket The machine is fed directly into the mixer for agitation.
The mixed finished mortar enters the transition finished product warehouse and then enters the packaging or bulk system separately. Bulk can be directly loaded into the bulk vehicle, or it can be lifted to the finished product storage bin again. The packaging part is the finished product that enters the transitional warehouse first and then is packaged into bags. The equipment configuration includes storage, metering, mixing, packaging, bulk, dust collection and automatic control systems. Except for the bulk storage bins, the other devices are arranged vertically. The height of the devices is generally meters. TD double shaft gravityless paddle mixer
The horizontal double-axis isometrically reverse-rotating, and the specially arranged blades on the shaft ensure three-dimensional movement of the material in the radial, circumferential and axial directions to form a composite cycle, thereby achieving uniform mixing in a short time. The main shaft seal and the bearing adopt a split structure. The special structure of the discharge valve solves the problems of seepage and leakage, thereby prolonging the service life of the bearing, that is to say, the service life of the machine is greatly extended, which is any other The machine can't.
The gravity-free double-shaft paddle mixer has strong and efficient characteristics, and the mixing time is short. The design mixing time is 1~3 minutes, the 1:1000 ratio is more than 97%, and the two mixing shafts in the horizontal cylinder are reversed at the same speed. Rotating, the blade arranged at a special angle on the shaft ensures the radial, circumferential and axial directions of the material to form a composite cycle, achieving uniform mixing in a very short time. Main configuration: raw material warehouse, automatic metering and batching control equipment, Measuring scale, adding hopper, bucket elevator, waiting for mixing, three-axis high-efficiency mixer, homogenizing feeder, finished product warehouse, automatic weighing packaging machine, dust collector, bracket ladder railing platform, electrical control cabinet and so on.
Main mixer: Three-axis gravity-free mixer, which has the advantages of uniform material mixing without dead angle, short mixing time, small output power, unsuitable damage and convenient maintenance. Widely used in dry mortar, masonry mortar, mortar king, wear-resistant floor, interior and exterior wall putty powder, plaster plaster, dry powder binder and various cellulose and dry powder chemical materials in building materials, chemical industry, etc. .
2. Specifications


Total power

Mixer volume

Production (ton / hour)

Size (length, width, height)







35 kilowatt

2.4 cube



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