Paint anchor mixer

Paint anchor mixer
Paint anchor mixer
Paint anchor mixer
Paint anchor mixer
Paint anchor mixer
1 pc
iron frame and wooden case
lead time
7-10 days
Debang improved its lab and batching room in 2012. The company also offered multi-series and multi-class paint products and equipment for different market and customers. It provide most advanced technique, equipment, procedure to help customers to produce low cost, environmental, long lifetime products.(Debang equipment and technique business has expanded to many domestic and international market. It provided more than 3000 paint producing factories with equipment and technique services. Debang’s product and technique is all over China market and is entering Asian and African market. Its best product and services has won good reputation.
1. Product introduction
◆Vertical cycloidal needle mixer, with anchor type agitator, simple structure, convenient use, and more material mixing, small investment, high efficiency, energy saving and energy saving. This equipment is based on the traditional equipment and according to different requirements of customers. Designed. It can also be designed according to the mixing ratio of materials to achieve good results, because the ratio of chemical materials is inseparable from the mixing speed and mixing effect. Based on years of production experience, the company has the best design to meet different customers. Different needs.
Upright design, small footprint, easy to operate, simple to use, good mixing effect; cycloidal pin gear reducer, low noise and durable; can achieve uniform mixing in a short time, low energy consumption, high efficiency; Based on years of production experience, the company has the best design to meet the different needs of different customers, with precise and more durable;
(1), the structure of the mixing tank
  The mixing tank is composed of a stirring tank body, a stirring tank lid, a stirrer, a support, a transmission device, a shaft sealing device, etc., and a heating device or a cooling device can be configured according to the process requirement; in the mixing process, the feeding control, the discharging control, Stirring control and other manual automatic control, fully embodies the standardization and user-friendly design.
  Stirring tank, mixing tank lid, agitator, shaft seal, etc., can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to different process requirements.
  The agitating tank and the agitating tank lid may be flanged or welded. The mixing tank and the stirring tank lid can be used to open the feed, discharge, observation, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, steam fractionation, safe venting and other process tube holes according to the process requirements.
  A transmission device (motor or reducer) is arranged on the upper part of the mixing tank cover, and the agitator in the stirring tank is driven by the transmission shaft.
  The shaft sealing device can be in various forms such as machine seal or packing, labyrinth seal, etc. (according to user needs).
(2), characteristics of mixing tank products
  1. Determine the purpose of mixing, liquid-liquid mixing, solid-liquid suspension, gas-liquid or liquid-liquid dispersion, whether it is necessary to achieve heat transfer, absorption, extraction, dissolution, crystallization, etc.
  2. The type of stirring paddle can be selected according to the process characteristics;
  3, the equipment is made of high quality stainless steel, hygienic and beautiful, full-featured, reasonable structure design, advanced technology, durable, and easy to operate, easy to use;
5. It is an ideal chemical equipment with low investment, fast production and high profit.
Weight: 1000 kg
Motor power: 5.5-24 kw
Stirring leaf diameter: 1100 mm
Dimensions: 1200mm
Frame mixing blade diameter: 1100 mm

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