Upright putty paste mixer

Upright putty paste mixer
Upright putty paste mixer
Upright putty paste mixer
Upright putty paste mixer
Upright putty paste mixer
1 pc
iron frame and wooden case
lead time
7-10 days
By more than 30 years development, Debang developed to factory from workshop production, and developed to a modern and standard enterprise based on the factory. Now it is becoming first class practical enterprise including development, production, project, equipment production. The company is professional in development and production of emulsion paint equipment, putty powder equipment and other paint equipment, also offer technique and guide to customers.
1. Product introduction
Putty paste mixer is developed by our company for the development of popular products such as imitation porcelain, tempering, putty paste and texture coating. At present, it can stir the putty paste, texture coating, thick and thick coating can be stirred evenly. Because the viscous product is the most powerful in the process of mixing powder and glue, our machines use solid shafts, multi-layer dispersion discs, and 1.5-ton models use three-axis solid mixing with scraping walls. Function, better solve the problems in the production of paint, all machines are equipped with electric discharge device, workers are more convenient and practical.
The machine is automatically loaded, fully enclosed and non-polluting, with little space and no sloshing, low noise, saving time and effort, uniform mixing, high efficiency, multi-purpose for one machine, can be used for mixing of dry powder, paste paint, putty and thermal insulation mortar. It is the first multi-functional wet and dry mixing mixer in China, which has less residual residue and reliable performance.
Vertical design, easy to operate, easy to maintain; capacity optional, easy to clean, stainless steel manufacturing, easy to clean without rust, uniform mixing, fast mixing speed, can ensure the consistency of each batch of materials; cost savings: small investment, quick effect, It occupies less land and has the advantages of labor and high efficiency; it can be customized: it can be customized according to customer requirements;
2. Specifications

Disperser type

Upright putty paste mixer

Material type


Applicable material

Putty paste, paste, tempered paint



Application field

Chemical engineering construction agriculture decoration food plastic rubber mining medicine cosmetics

Speed range



Two-axis / three-axis vertical mixer

Speed category

Two speed

Dispersion wheel diameter


Motor Power






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